Heart & Armor
Yours to have as you please.

I’ll take it this rough

His words take me to that place of need that overpowers those voices in my head. Gone are the thoughts that “good girls don’t” and all I hear is my Masters voice affirming my need for Him. “Show me,” He said, “Show Me what a needy little slut you are for Me. I want to see how hungry that cunt is for My cock, little one.” My need instantly coats His shaft, my swollen clit throbbing at the contact, and little whimpers are all I can manage. “Mmmm,” he growled, “I love how creamy your cunt gets for Me. That’s it, good girl, show me how bad you want to be fucked.” My body pulses with need, all thoughts of propriety or restraint long vanished leaving only an intense primal lust and the need to convey to Him that I am completely His. Needy whimpers turn to desperate moans and I begin to beg to cum, my body writhing and shaking with my effort to hold back until He gives permission. “Fuck! Oh, please, Sir… plea…” I pant. every nerve on fire, my mind screams to move away I can’t take this, my body begins to convulse as the sensations demand release, and yet I wait, compliance to His will the only thread that connects me to sanity. My eyes find His and I pour out my need, no longer able to form coherent thoughts let alone words. The pride and arousal I see reflected back at me washes over my soul, enduring is my honor, my body, my pleasure, all that I am… His. Just when I think I might fail, He claims what is His and grants my release. Heat and liquid fire burst forth, coating His hard arousal, and soaking His abdomen, every muscle clenching as I scream out my climax. Before I start my descent, He guides His cock into my throbbing cunt, slowly filling me inch by inch, and the world explodes when my clit lands against his stomach, deep and completely full as i’ve needed so badly all day, my hungry cunt squeezing and clenching Him as my orgasm climbs higher still. When I return and open my eyes the look that meets mine caresses my heart as I see He is pleased, and I beam when he says, “There’s my good girl.” And I know the night ahead is going to be amazing. ~dd